About This Site
YMYW.org has been tracking youth progress since 2002. We started with Duty to God and have added the other programs over the years. Our development offices are located in Utah and the web server hosting services are located on the East coast (US). The YMYW.org server is backed up for recovery purposes on a 24 and 72 hour rotation by the host service. The data is also backed up by YMYW.org nightly.

We have a self-signed SSL certificate that provides an HTTPS path we have all users use. That means data is encrypted between the server and your computer. We use IE 7 as our main browser and understand there is a warning about the self-signed certificate. This simply means we didn't pay a third party to verify we are who we are.

Notice: If your account is inactive (no activity for six months) or your wardID is not valid we will remove your account.

Road map - Plans are already underway to provide a new interface that will be written in Java, this will provide YMYW.org with a simple to use interface (User experience). Once the user experience has been completed, work will ensue on an iPhone and Android app, these apps will allow leaders to update their youths profiles on the go. At the same time, effort will be put into adding more detail to merit badges and will link the merit badge requirements to those of the rank advancements. We also plan to add the ability for merit badge councilors to update the requirements that have been completed by youth. Further down the road we plan to work with the BSA to get ScoutNet certified and to allow accounts to be upgraded to an account that will interact with their respective council office to send rank advancements as well as make the rechartering process easier for the unit. Please login and print your records to a PDF file from your browser so you can transfer your information to either the Church or a tracking program of your choice.

Some frequently asked questions

Why use YMYW.org instead of posters, spreadsheets?
Tracking achievements for all of the programs (Duty to God, Personal Progress, and Faith in God) can be done using the Church's booklets as well as a plethora of other tools. In fact, you can find many of the tools from our Links page.

Tracking is one thing, managing and reporting are another. Using YMYW.org, you can track your own progress. Parents can track and manage all of their children. Advisors can track and manage. Ward leaders can review the progress. Stake leaders can review the progress of all the wards within the stake.

This ability to see up-to-date reports for ones stewardship can help in decision making, program needs, and let's throw in budgeting for good measure. A warning: with power comes responsibility. We have a lot of wards using YMYW.org. Some use the stake features and others do not. Although you can track your youth as an advisor and enjoy the benefits of managing your efforts, the power of an online collaborative effort lies in the collaboration. If your ward leaders, parents and even stake leaders are not interested, you could probably write the management features as additions to your Excel or Palm-based software.

Success is when the Executive Secretary prints and hands a youth their achievement report to review before they meet for their bishopric interview.

YMYW.org usage map

How do I create a stake account?
If you are familiar with YMYW.org and your stake wants to be involved, just send us an email requesting we Biggie size it. This path presumes you are already using a ward account.

If you are new to YMYW.org, it is our suggestion that you create a ward account, enter a group/quorum and print some reports. Use these to ensure your stake is interested. If they are not, there is no reason for you to over do it only to find out later it wasn't worth your time.

Reporting bugs?
Like any site that is constantly being updated, we have bugs. To report a bug, use the feedback link.

If the site is down, such as a server error (500) let us know.